World class fibre cement products for construction, home renovation, landscaping and DIY.

UFCC supplies asbestos-free cellulose fibre cement boards, fibre cement roofing, ceiling, fascia, cladding and decking products.



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Going into 2022 with UFCC

Due to Problems the world is experiencing we had had to change with the times. I sadly found that importing products is no longer a viable possibility for UFCC as the freight rates have made the product unsellable.  When the

Six benefits of fibre cement cladding

Invented in the late 1800s, fibre cement was, and remains, a popular construction material due to its versatility and myriad advantages for building and construction. We list six benefits of fibre cement cladding for the builder and homeowner. Lightweight Fibre

All UFCC products are asbestos free