14 years of fibre cement success

United Fibre Cement Company (UFCC), supplier of asbestos-free cellulose fibre cement products to the construction, renovation and landscaping markets in South Africa, is proud to mark 14 years of successful business since its inception in 2005.

UFCC was originally started to answer to the need for quality, asbestos-free fibre cement products in South Africa. Its entry into the market meant that professionals from various sectors and consumers alike had access to an affordable and safe construction material with a range of applications, from heavy siding for school buildings to decorative lattice for landscaping purposes.

Comments Leon Bekker, UFCC CEO, “Over the past decade, we’ve remained dedicated to bringing quality products coupled with excellent customer service to the local industry. A core aspect of our mission and the reason for our success is that we offer a ‘one-stop’ facility to contractors in the line of cellulose fibre cement products.”

UFCC’s product offering includes smooth fibre cement sheeting of various thicknesses, which covers a range of applications, including internal dry walling, partitioning, fascia, soffits, cornicing, ceilings, skirting, fencing and lattice as well as external cladding, decking, flooring, permanent formwork and even secondary roofing, eave linings, ducts and ventilation.

UFCC also supplies wood grain-impressed fibre cement boards and planks, of varying dimensions, which impart the ever-popular timber look to any project. “Wood has such a natural beauty and strong appeal to the market. We’ve found that our fibre cement products, either plain or with the timber grain pattern, have become very popular, especially since they can be painted in any colour or finish. Our UCO DecoWood range combines the rustic appeal of timber with the durability of fibre cement and its uses are truly limitless,” notes Bekker.

Even the roofers are covered with UFCC’s Ondulada and Fibrotex roof sheeting, which is made from Portland Cement, refined sand and specially treated synthetic fibres. The Ondulada sheeting, with its wider corrugated profile, is very versatile and is primarily used for roof and wall applications. The Fibrotex sheeting is essentially the same product but with a narrower profile. Being durable and rigid, its uses also extend to a range of applications.

UCO SolidWall Building System

One of UFCC’s highlights over the past eleven years has been the development of the UCO SolidWall Building System, an Innovative Building Technology (IBT) suitable for residential, commercial and educational buildings. The system meets fire-rating, acoustic and thermal insulation, wet application impact strength and robustness requirements, and obtained its Agrément SA certification (2012/407) in September 2012.

Remarks Bekker, “As the Certificate holders of the system in South Africa, our strategy around the UCO SolidWall Building System is to empower and develop Agrément SA approved Licensees to use the system in their projects. This drive has ensured that, to date, we’ve had the capacity through our Licensees to construct 23 schools throughout South Africa, one of which was built completely off-grid and completed in a record time of eight months.”

Having proven itself as an Innovative Building Technology (IBT), the UCO SolidWall Building System represents not only an affordable and viable way of delivering a broad spectrum of building typologies, but one that makes for highly durable, attractive structures with the potential for energy efficiency at the same time.

“UCO SolidWall is one of the leading IBT systems in the country. Coupled with Government’s commitment to using IBTs more extensively in their infrastructure development programme for schools, clinics, student accommodation and human settlements, we are well positioned and prepared to grow further into this sector, both in South Africa and abroad,” says Bekker.

Reflecting on a decade

A significant milestone in any business is an opportunity to appreciate the achievements that have contributed to the company’s success as well as to consider what the future may hold. “Looking ahead, our comprehensive product offering and innovative approach to products and systems stand us in good stead for the future. We will continue to develop IBT systems and grow the local cellulose fibre cement market with the level of service excellence to which our customers are accustomed,” notes Bekker, concluding, “For us, this anniversary gives us reason to pause and reflect on our many accomplishments to date; it’s also an opportune time to give thanks. Therefore, on behalf of UFCC, I wish to extend my gratitude to our customers, staff and suppliers for their continued support. Here’s to the next decade of fibre cement success.”

Based in Cape Town, UFCC has warehousing facilities in Johannesburg and supplies fibre cement products throughout South Africa and to neighbouring countries.

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